Tony Stewart, SKANSKA, presents at
SACC's Annual Meeting

SACC's annual meeting was held at Hotel Ă„ndra in Seattle.

After an great buffet and time for socializing and networking, the members proceeded with electing the board for 2008.

Afthe the formal proceeedings, Tony Stewart from SKANSKA, gave a very interesting presantation of SKANSKA as well as the cosntruction industry in the United States and the Puget Sound region in particular.
SKANKSA recently (XXXX) acquired XXXX, a big and long time construction conglomerate in the U.S.. Making this gigantic investment, has given SKANKSA a strong foot hold in the very competitive North American market and a participation in many high profile public and private projects across the nation.

Tony's presentation was followed by a lively Q&Q session, ranging from regional transportation projects, via "green building", to how Swedish ownership was received in the conservative American construction sector.

We thank Tony for taking time this evening giving us an "insider's" view of what most of us only read about in the papers!

Currents out!

The first Current issue of the month is out. "Hedging His Way to $ 7.5 Billion"
Swedish-born Thomas E. Sandell is one of the most successful hedge fund investors in New York, but he is also one of the most shy when it comes to mass media. Current’s Editor Hans Sandberg managed to get an exclusive interview, where Sandell talks about himself, his hedge fund and how he managed to bypass the sub prime crisis. Sandell’s hedge fund Castlerigg Investments (which is managed by Sandell Asset Management Company in New York)grew with 11 percent from the beginning of 2007 to
December 5.